new eminem

eminems second single, what do yall think? are you eminem fans?? i've personally never been into eminem. i do think he's ridiculously talented and i respect him as an mc but theres something about his music that just doesn't resonate with me. never has. am i just not a white trash suburban wigger drug dealer? i dunno. it's weird to me though that since his new shit dropped all these eminem fans are making they way out the woodwork, right? it's like a personality quirk or something to be into eminem. it says something about who you are, but i dunno what exactly. naywayz if you're into it check out his new video. that shit isnt on youtube yet so i can't blog it. i don't think the video is as good as his early videos like the real slim shady, but again, i do appericate his effort to at least do something different. he's like marilyn manson to me in a way. i like and appreciate the idea of him more than what he's putting out into the world. his new video reminds me of this:

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