twitter gettin' crazy

tony hawk has been using twitter for crazy global scavenger hunt purposes and that is kinda awesome..

"I hid a skateboard a couple weeks ago around my area (while on the way to skate) and "Tweeted" it's location just to see how long it would take someone to find it. It created quite a stir among the Twitter crowd and industry insiders thought it was some new marketing plan. I just thought it was a fun use of new technology, so I decided to do it on a global scale. I picked that Sunday because I knew I would be home and able to personally manage such a project. I didn't realize it was Easter until one of my "hiders" mentioned it would be the ultimate "egg" hunt when I brought up the idea to him. So I sent out skateboards to various people I knew across the globe and had them hide each one in different locations. They sent me location/clue messages immediately after placing each one, which I then Tweeted to all of my followers. It was hard to keep track of which ones were found as I was flooded with replies once the hunt began. I never approached it as a marketing ploy for my brand, I simply wanted to give someting back to the fans and create an exciting event, even if you were only a spectator." more.

i feel like scavenger hunts are a good idea, but twitter is getting so personal its kind of creeepy.
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ps look at that pic of tony hawk

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