cyrus vs. yorke 2K9!!! LOL

Miley Cyrus, got into possibly the oddest feud since Beyonce-versus-Etta James a while back...when she lashed out at Radiohead over their alleged snub at the Grammys last month. According to a recent Miley radio interview, on Grammy night her manager tried to arrange a meeting between her and the band, of whom she is a huge fan, and they declined. "I left [the Grammy ceremony] 'cause I was so upset," she griped. "I wasn't going to watch. Stinkin' Radiohead! I'm gonna ruin them! I'm going to tell everyone."

Responding this week to Miley's threats to "ruin" them, a seemingly unfrightened Radiohead countered: "When Miley grows up, she'll learn not to have such a sense of entitlement." Ouch. Have the karma police finally caught up with Miley?

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